Dr Laura Scullion Hall

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Laura has worked with, bred and cared for animals of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years. She has volunteered in veterinary practice, dog shelters and farms, and has dedicated her career to the welfare and training of dogs. She is an expert in the field of laboratory animal welfare and has developed research which has improved the welfare of dogs used in scientific research. Laura has a degree in Psychology, with an honours project focusing on the welfare of shelter dogs, and a PhD in Dog Welfare Science, both from the University of Stirling.

One of the focuses of Laura’s career is experience in designing and implementing training for a variety of behaviours and goals. She develops and provides CPD lectures and staff training on learning theory and positive reinforcement training in industry. Her work has drawn a number of prizes and awards, including from the Council for Science and Animal Welfare and the NC3Rs. You can learn more about fear-free handling in this recent blog post. Laura is an experienced speaker, having presented at national and international conferences, workshops and industry events. For welfare consultancy, industry and speaking engagements, see here.

Laura lives in the Perthshire countryside with her husband and an ever-expanding a menagerie of animals.


PhD Animal Welfare Science (University of Stirling)

BA (Hons) (University of Stirling)


Memberships and certifications

Pet Professional Guild full member professional dog trainer

Fear-free certified professional

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW)


Animal Welfare Research Network

British Veterinary Behaviour Association (BVBA)

Behaviour and Evolution Research Group (BERG) and Stir3Rs

Canine First Aid certificate



If you book training with The Dog Lady, chances are you will meet Head Sidekick Fly. Fly loves people, and accompanies Laura to work most days, demonstrating training and generally being the brains of the operation.


Islay joined the family in 2016 after being rehomed and is working very hard to learn lots of new behaviours and be a successful working pointer. You can follow her training progress in videos which are posted on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. You might also get to meet her during training as she loves meeting new people and dogs.

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